Personalized transaction controls and alerts provide users greater control on how and when their payments are being made.

Blockchain solutions

ProxPay Blockchain delivers an enhanced online checkout payment experience with the security, convenience, and control consumers enjoy in the physical world, by paying for goods when you get them and not before you do. Intelligent authentication of the chain of custody in supply chain operations helps recognize legitimate vendors and consumers from bad actors at checkout, helping to reduce fraud and false delivery claims.

Smart Security

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Consistency and Control

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Fintech Innovation

Simplicity, flexibility and efficiency define Proxpay Tracking Payment on delivery Service

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  • Reliable
  • Secure
  • Consistent
  • Convenient
  • Empowering

Mobile security

Increase purchase usage, drive customer engagement, and reduce fraud by empowering consumers with personalized alerts and controls for their payments using a range of biometric and blockchain tokenised data sets for end to end secured encryption.

Basic plan

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Silver plan

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Gold plan

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