About us

ProxPay provides an alternate form of payment mechanism to customers.

Pro X Pay provide customers the ability to pay with confidence and understanding of the provenance of any physical asset, the chain of custody during transit and assurance that the proof of delivery confirmaiton triggers their payment.

We generate unique vendor, transport operational and customer authenticated identity data, and tokenise it in our propritary serialised system (blockchain layer), we then write it to the financial service providers provenance blockchain and secure the transactions via the API's, with authenticated chain of custody exchange tokens. This data natively links to our Payments approval infrasturucture to provide payments on delivery.

We work with leading credit card companies, banks and non-bank lenders to facilitate a secured payment on delivery offering in the global market.


Secured technologies

finance industry has contracted for the first time a payment on delivery service.

Advanced solutions

The e commerce and trade finance industry are set for growth, with a more confident consumer market.

Trade without risk and loss around the world free

vendors/carrier/customers have options to include an Insurance Policy number and these are set up with the ProXPay Assurance System and underwritten by Chubb.

- Insurance certificate issued and policy documents sent to Customer

- Authenticated claims management through Chubb Insurance.