A new contactless payment management service
for payments being made on delivery

Pro X Pay is incorporating all the financial aspects of the pre-purchase online e-commerce transaction, specifically customer credit and customer payment, and translating that into a payment on delivery solution.

Built for payments on delivery

Generate traffic and revenues

Smart contracts incorporating the E2E supply chain terms through to payment on delivery.

Derisk the supply chain network

Takes a lot of risk (credit and loss) out for the supplier, and is very efficient with small orders/customers

Increase the safety rate

The software confirms when the delivery is made (PoD)using a proximity method which ensures customers can’t say the delivery was not made

Automate the payment processes

removing the risk, and providing a smart contract-custodian, fully audited, automated and secure solution to transact securely, quickly, and for minimal fees.

Live payment tracking solution is powered by our secure track and trace products

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Real time payment visibility brings better customer conversions

Supply chains are under great pressure with rising ecommerce activity, requiring them to become digitized, using the latest in micro electronics, network and software technology. It is now possible to manage freight optics in real time, with end-to-end trace optics on asset locations on a map, with authenticated chain of custody and product integrity reporting using mobile smart devices.

Born for trade finance and e commerce

Ultimately ProxPay will mitigate risks for vendors, customers, credit card companies and insurers by providing a secure, authenticated smart contract enabling payment on delivery through a solution which combines IOT, Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Payment security technologies.

Assurance of Delivery

No verified third party P.O.D data available to the market outside of transport operators.

Risk Mitigation

Payments made by customers in advance of receiving the goods, so merchants defer all risk to customer with no recourse for the customers on transporter or merchant if the goods do not arrive

Cheaper Insurance

Insurance is made cheaper with the verification of dispatch & delivery.

Data Assurance

Supply Chain Assurance with ioT devices that report on asset provenance and asset integrity.

Payment Processing

Authenticated chain of custody with proof of delivery and automated payment on delivery.

Insurance Policy

Single shipment cover notes with reduced insurance costs and automated claims management.

Payment solutions for everyone

  • State of art security architecture for faster payments
  • Decicated and experienced support team available 24/7
  • Download and cloud storage of payment history starting from free plans
  • Latest code languages and blockchain development methods for all our solutions
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Support by the credit card, banking and insurance companies

Credit Card Companies, Insurers and Banks are having a very hard look at this new development, because they get a lot of fraud where customers claim not to have received the goods, and therefore won’t pay the merchant, there are also merchants who dont send the goods and transport operators that loose the goods.

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Real time payment on delivery

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